Big XM Rebate Cashback logoREBATEXE.COM service offers the HIGHEST and BIGGEST XM REBATE of 80% for each transaction completed automatically sent to your XM Forex accont.
REBATEXE guarantees to credit cashback rebate up to $12 per lot your XM trading account within several days after the position is closed.

In other words, you trade during the day, and on the following week the rebate of 80% on each deal (with at least 1 point of profit/loss) is credited to your XM account. Moreover, REBATEXE.COM provides timely and helpful support service and guarantees reliability and fast payment of rebates.

REBATEXE.COM will share the XM Auto Rebate Cashback for:
– $ 8 USD (80%) per Lot Standard for the currency pair
– $ 10 USD (Gold) per Lot standard (special account Type Standard And Micro)
– $ 2.5 USD per lot for Zero Account Type

Keep in mind that each type of XM forex account has different rebate values and lots.
For Micro 100 Micro Lot account type is equivalent to 1 Lot standard.

– Standard XM account rebate value per 1 lot: 8usd (currency) and 10 USD (gold / gold)
– Micro XM account rebate value per 100 lots: 8usd (currency) and 10 USD (gold / gold)
– Zero XM account rebate value per 1lot: 2.5 USD

Example: Your average monthly volume of trades on currency is 30.5 standard lots. Once you register for our rebate service, you will have total $244 USD cashback rebate, without making ANY additional actions.

In comparison to other similar XM Rebate projects, REBATEXE is remarkable for the following advantages:
1. A daily bonus of up to $12 USD for each deal, regardless of whether you have received any profit or not.
2. The highest reward rate among all XM rebate projects system.
3. Automatic remittance of $8 – $12 USD on each conducted operation to your account daily.
4. Usability: register and gain fixed profit from your deals.

Example: You trade 10 XM gold lots in a week then you will get a rebate of $120 USD. You trade 100 XM lots in a week then you will get a rebate of $1200 USD to your XM Forex Account

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Big XM Rebate 80% Automatic XM Forex Cashback