In order to become a full member of REBATEXE system, you have to go through three simple steps:

1. Register a new XM account, click here to register.

Register or Create Additional XM Account.

2. Register your XM Trading account to us, fill the form on rightbar of this website
3. Trading with your XM account, actively open and close positions and get $8 – $12 cashback rebate several days after for each Closed Trade.

Example: You trade 10 XM currency lots in a week then you will get a rebate of $80. You trade 100 XM lots in a week then you will get a rebate of $800

You trade during the day, and on the following day the rebate of 80% up to $12 USD on each deal (with at least 1 point of profit/loss) is credited to your XM account. Moreover, REBATEXE provides timely and helpful support service and guarantees reliability and fast payment of rebates.

XM Cashback Rebate will be sent directly to your XM Trading Account automatically

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Big XM Rebate 80% Automatic XM Forex Cashback