Register New XM Account

How to Register and Open New XM Account

1. Click the button “OPEN AN ACCOUNT”

Open the registration form here.

Open New XM Account

2. Fill the form on the next page with your real personal data

1. First name:
2. Last name:
3. Country of Residence:
4. City / Town:
5. Phone:
6. E-mail:
Then click “Proceed to Step 2”
Open real account XM

3. Input more Personal Information:

1. First name:
2. Last name:
3. Date of birth:
4. Country of Residence:
5. Residential Address:
6. Postal/Zip code:
7. City / Town:
8. Are you a US citizen for tax purposes?: No
9. Phone:
10. E-mail:
XM Account Registration

4. Enter XM Trading Account Information

1. Account Type: e.g. Micro (1 lot= 1.000)
2. Investment Amount (USD): Enter the planned investment amount
3. Account Base Currency: e.g. USD (USD is common)
4. Leverage: You can use maximum leverage if selecting 888
XM Trading Account Information

5. Your total Estimated Income (USD): Enter your estimated total income
6. Your total Estimated Net Worth (USD): Enter your estimated net asset
7. Level of Education: Enter your educational background
8. Employment Status: Enter working field
9. Nature of Business: Enter your current job

XM Investor Information

5. Fill with your Trading Knowledge and Confirmation

XM Trading Knowledge Information

If all information is entered properly, the following completion screens will be displayed. Account information will be sent to the email address you have registered at the same time.
XM Account Opening

How to Open Additional XM Account?

You can open up to 8 live Additional Accounts with XM under your name. For XM Additional Accounts, you don’t need to submit verified documents again. But make sure that you input same personal details and same eamil address.
XM Trading Knowledge Information

As long you have registered the new accounts with the same email address, you can manage all of your XM accounts within the same client portal.

If you register with another email address, your new XM accounts won’t be connected and you can not manage them together or make internal fund transfer.



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